About us

We are Zane and Hanna, two PhD students in the Netherlands who share an interest in how algorithms shape our daily lives, culture and society.


Zane Kripe

Zane Kripe is an anthropologist researching digital culture. She is at the final stages of her PhD where she studies web technology startup scene in Southeast Asia, mainly focusing on Singapore. At the intersections of technology and business cultures she explores the aspirations and ideas about the future linked to the so called knowledge economy.
She also lectures courses on Digital Anthropology, Information Society and Digital Media Culture.
She holds a MSc in Media Technology (Leiden University) and BA in Political Science (Riga Stradins University).

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Hanna Schraffenberger

Hanna Schraffenberger is a creative researcher working in the intersection between science, art and technology. She is primarily interested in new forms of human-machine interaction. Currently, she is about to finish her PhD at Leiden University and working as a lecturer at the Communication & Multimedia Design program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Her PhD research examines the fundamental characteristics and potential manifestations of augmented reality (AR).
Hanna holds a MSc in Media Technology (Leiden University) and a BEng in Audiovisual Media (Stuttgart Media University).

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